FL7102 | Fresco Logic

The FL7102 is a highly integrated PD controller for the emerging USB 3.1 Type-C connector. It is an advanced Type-C Power Delivery controller which supports PD 3.0.  The FL7102-2Q0 supports two PD ports and the FL7102-2L0 supports one PD port.  They feature an integrated Aux switch, the Billboard device, Vconn switch, and support the TCPC specification in a single chip. They can be configured as DFP, UFP or DRP for various applications. Features Small Package: QFN 40 and QFN 32 Packages PD 3.0 Support for up to two Type-C ports UCSI (USB Type-C Connector System Software Interface) TCPC (Type-C Port Controller Interface Specification) Fast Role Swap support VCONN Power Switch Integrated LDO Regulator 3V I/O Voltage Low Operating Power and low standby power Low Power Consumption when the Type-C is disconnected (<100uA) Embedded EEPROM for customization and Firmware Flexible GPIO with UART support MCU for autonomous operation I2C or SPI Interface for TCPC messaging I2C & GPIO interface for PD Power Supply control Support for Type-C Audio and Debug Accessories Dead battery support Firmware programmable for DFP, UFP or DRP In-system firmware updates over USB Support for 12MHz or 24MHz crystal
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